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RSS downloader - improved scheduler (day of the week)


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I do have a long list for RSS improvements, but I would like to point out here a small improvement to RSS Downloader that can help many people, and can easily be added in 2.2.1:

TV shows tend to be broadcasted on a weekly base on a certain day of the week. If you are NOT using the RSS episode filter (that sometimes cannot be used ) you use the minimal interval setting. Now, this interval is relative to the time you have set it, and has no relation to the date/day-of-the-week. It may help a lot if you can enhance the list with 7 more items (or do another list/UI) –

Weekly – Sundays

Weekly – Mondays


RSS will search for this favorite starting (for example) next Sunday and then, starting every other Sunday AFTER it download it. This way you can freely enter the day of the show, and not be dependent on the day/time you set it up.

And another thought: why don't you scan the RSS feed(s) (I have 15 of them…) ONLY when there is an active-scheduled favorite to be downloaded, and not every 15 minutes if nothing is actually needed? So, you save some network activity.

How about it ? Can you put this small addition to 2.2.1 ?

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