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folder not deleted


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Whenever I remove a torrent and the data through utorrent, the torrent file and the data inside the folder (btw: separate folder for each download) get deleted, but not the folder containing the data. Yes, I did check for hidden files. Nothing has been added manually to it.

Once I heard that this might be due to Windows Media Player's indexing feature, but, like I said, there is no extra file inside that folder, and the folder's name is not on any kind of indexing list.

So, I always have to remove the download folder manually. I never get a "file / folder is in use by another program" error message, nor do I have to use any kind of unlocker on it. It's just not deleted by utorrent.

Additional info:

Win7 x64

utorrent 2.2

"move completed downloads to" not activated

download folder never changed

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Folder permissions?

Installed Win 7 myself, I am the only user and have administrator status.

Folders and files are not "read-only".

No change after reboot.

Never do I get any kind of question from Windows regarding usage rights or if I really want to delete it / move to recycle bin.

Folder is not opened by any program, Windows Explorer is not opened.

Folders are created automatically by utorrent whenever a new download starts (unless it's just a single file).

By the way: it was like that when I had utorrent running on WinXP, too.

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