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a whole lot of unable to load ... invalid torrent file


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so i get a message for an invalid torrent file. i've seen them before, browser download problems and the torrent file turns out 0kb. seen that, solved that.

today i noticed that message is filling my logger tab. with about 95% of the line being an error for the same torrent file, repeating with ~4 minutes in between. i set utorrent to load from a specific folder, so i look there. folder is empty.

i start reading a bit further, i recognize the torrent name, from ages ago. turns out, the torrent was loaded a long time ago, was finished, got seeded back, got deleted, the whole torrent is nowhere to be found on my entire system!!!

i've searched around, but this problem seems to be a first time. does anyone have an idea?

its utorrent 2.2

this situation was not always the case. it ran good for a pretty long time.

windows xp, so practically no change of a file rights problem cause me to see empty folders

utorrent is practically the only thing running and running 24/7. it's a spare laptop just for downloading and seeding back.

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