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Help plz Big problem >>


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Hi every one

I've Big problem with utorrent

yesterday i was downloading normally and shut down the computer

when i opened it today i reached from 205kB/s to 60kB/s


for my download speed

my internet connection is 2Mb

I tried different torrents and with the Sam thing

==what i tried==

restart my router

restart internet connection from the windows

tried different torrents

disable my anti virus although i was working fine

uninstall utorrent and download new one from the website


when i download the new utorrent it come with a torrent to download

called "Sick of Sarah - 2205 BitTorrent Edition"

the download reach 200kB/s


but after downloading i tried some other torrents and back to 60kB/s

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What's the issue? BT doesn't guarantee the download speed. It depends on the swarm quality, whatever you're connected to 15 peers or 100 peers. If they don't want to upload to you, your download speed will be low.

i know that so i tried about 3 or 4 torrents together and i was sure they were fast

but the total speed was 65kB/s

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And with this torrent from OOo, do you reach the max DL speed?


Maybe your bandwidth and queueing settings according to the max UL speed of your connection are not so good.

Hey, moogly

thanks for keeping up

i download the torrent you give me it was very fast and reach 140kB/s


but after it finish i download all the torrents in the liste

and the total speed of download still 60kB/s


and it was just working fine 2 days ago


and i checked bandwidth and queueing settings and they were on default sittings

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What's the max DL speed of your connection?

(run http://www.speedtest.net/ if you don't know it, but close µT before)

And post a capture of your bandwidth and queueing settings. (upload the jpeg to http://imageshack.us)










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