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loss of download once finished downloading and external not connected


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Hi guys this is my first topic post so forgive any errors or omissions.

system info:

os windows vista

utorrent ver 2.2

when problem occured:

file downloaded ok and due to lack of space on laptop set completed files to goto external hard drive via preferences.

disconnected hard drive for ease of mobility for a couple of hours and files completed downloading during this time. Now cannot find completed downloads and have given up finding them restarted download but will have to wait another 3 weeks for download to complete.

Any suggestions on:

1 what i did wrong

2 prevention of reoccurance

3 method that allows completed files to be stored exterenally without copying as only have limited space and dont really want to stop seeding once finished.

4 ideal solution is keeping on internal till reconnected external is there a option that allows this to happen.

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