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Updating... doesn't work (2.04 Build 22150)


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Hi Guys,

Suddenly, and for unknow reason, I have many hundreds of torrents that has a weird issue. Actually, if I choose an Torrent that is in problem, under the TRACKER TAB, the torrents says UPDATING... and nothing happens... The status doesn't do any countdown for the ANNOUNCE. The only thing I can see is that I am hosting almost 4000 torrents.

The only workaround that I have, is to take a competitor software and host my files.

Does anyone has encountered this problem. This is the latest build but it's the first time that I noticed this issue, so, I can't say if it was working before an upgrade!

Thanx. Regards.

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subscribe to the issue.

I have around 2000 torrents on the private tracker, and torrents are often blush (with the status tracker (offline) or simply updating ... before it was even more torrents, but there was no such.

I'm used latest uTorrent 2.2 (23703). OS: Win7 Ult.

uTorrent settings:


Global maximum number of connections - 1500

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent - 500

Number of upload slot per torrent - 50


Max. active torrents - 1000

Max. active downloads - 5


bt.connect_speed - 120

bt.tcp_rate_control - false

bt.transp_disposition - 5

net.utp_recieve_target_delay - 300

net.utp_target_delay - 400

peer.disconnect_inactive_interval - 100

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