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Download speed problems - PROBLEMS!


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Hi there,

I am running iMac 10.6.6. and lately I changed the country and the operator. Before the connection and uTorrent were running abs. fabulously. Now I have a new modem that has also incorporated router for Wlan. I am getting via Airport.

When opening the uTorrent (last version and tried also the beta version) my downloud speed goes up to 1.4 Mb/s and then prob. after 1-2 min falls to 60 Kb/s and stays there.

Also Incoming TCP Ports are all the time red dotted (this time not Red Dot Award thing ;)) and Not Connectable. I was clicking the ports and tried many of them but nothing changed.

I was checking the forum and all the topics but never met adequete debate.

Would you please tell what the hell is going on.

Thanks guys and bih THANK YOU for all of your efforts while helping us.

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