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Can your back carry just one more feature..?


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Hi there all my friends !

First of all:

I've been using µTorrent for a couple or so years and been very happy to/with it.

What makes me a little confused is all those small additions to this

very sturdy aplication that all those knowing basic features of Delphi or ...well u know (like Visual Basic or Visual Studio or a.k.a. Borland products) are introdusing.

What the hell do we need those additions for?

As for my self I can say that I've got already more than enough "features and additions" installed, no more needed. And I'm not speeking of µTorrent alone but of Windows in general. If You're a newbie to programming, just go for it!! But just remember: All those things You find out just aren't worth of making a hassle. I don't need a program to say when I'm thursty... :) My XP w/ 4core is slow enough already !!



its "alt +230"

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