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Torrent get deleted


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I have a video in my "Videos" folder.

I wanted to share that video with other people so I wanted to create a .torrent file of the video. So I used the "Create new torrent..." option in uTorrent and it was seeding fine.

Then one day, i accidentally deleted the torrent from the main window of uTorrent. Then i went to the recycle bin and then selected the option "Restore all". Even after restoring it, i am not able to seed my .torrent file.

I think, I will have to create a new torrent. But i have already uploaded that torrent in so many website, I don't want to create a new .torrent file for the video which is already there in my folder.

The original .torrent file is also there. I do I re-seed it?

Thanks in advance


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I do I re-seed it?

Here's how.

Open the torrent in uTorrent.

Highlight the torrent, then click the STOP icon.

Next, right click on the torrent>Advanced>Set Download Location....

Now navigate to the folder where your file is located, then click OK.

Finally, click on the START icon.

The file will be checked. When it has been validated (i.e. no changes have been made to it since the torrent was first created) it will start seeding again.

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