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VPN Issues


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I just set up a VPN and my torrents have slowed a great deal. In the utorrent interface, I get the icon in the lower right which looks like a yield sign with and exclamation point in it. When I click on it and run the test, I get a network error that says "Neither NAT-PMP nor UPnP is enabled." Both are enabled in my utorrent preferences and, in my router settings, UPnp is enabled and I have the port forwarded that I designated in my utorrent settings. Some activity is making it through but my download speeds have gone from 1 Mbps to less than 50 Kbps.

It is either my utorrent settings, my router settings, my firewall settings (Comodo) or the VPN is just plain slow. I don't seem to have issues with browsing but I cannot download files from Google Reader while connected through my VPN. I get an "unknown" error with that.

I don't think my torrent settings are at issue here but are there settings I need to change to download while connected to my VPN? Or can you help identify the probable problem?

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