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Completion moving unable to read file over network


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Hello all

I have a very strange problem, When a torrent is completed i have uTorrent set to move it from my "downloading right now" folder, to an adjacent "finished files" folder, both of these folders are on my PC's HDD.

I can then access these files ok on that computer, but cannot access them from any other computer over my network?

If i try to access them from any other computer on the network, it will just hang and do nothing, eventually reporting that that file is not available?

If i then take this file, drag it to any other location manually, it works over the network fine, including if i drag it to any random folder (or even the original "downloading right now" folder) then drag it back to the "finished files" folder... Also works if i copy/paste it to a new position. Also works if i manually drag and drop the files from one folder to the other.

This is a total puzzler, have tried all different settings on uTorrent, and with this sharing folder, never had this trouble before when using Azureus using these very same folders and network etc.

This is not a big problem i know, I only need to unset the completion moving, then move the files between these two folders by hand, its just a total puzzler, and means that i have to stop seeding these files before i can move them by hand.

My setup is as follows:

uTorrent: 2.2 build 23774

Downloading PC: XP SP3

Network: Standard windows workgroup, running over dlink router, wired and wireless.

Media PC: Linux box , Ubuntu, XBMC

Laptop: MSI XP SP3

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