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BTGuard and uTorrent


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Hello Everyone,


Proxy: BTGuard

Client: uTorrent 2.0.3

I first want to thank anyone in advance who replies to this thread. I have done a lot of research on Utorrent and using a proxy service like BTGuard. It seems one of the best ways to go. However, i am not sure what can be allowed under the "BitTorrent" and "Connection" uTorrent preferences. People have said nothing should really be checked other than add and exception the firewall. However, if i do that it seems i do not get any seeders. So right now, i have checked "Enable Local Peer Discovery", "Enable Peer Exchange" and "Ask Tracker for scrape information" under the BitTorrent preference. It seems the tracker from demonoid keeps saying "Proxy Connect error: No Connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" and the only seeders are coming from the Peer Exchange. Is this normal?

I am basically trying to figure out what options are safe where my IP Address can't be leaked, yet be able to connect to the at least http trackers. I read that UDP is not good to have on because UDP does not use the "handshake" protocol and may leak information. If i turn everything off, i feel like i will have no seeders at all. The peer exchange is the only tracker giving me any seeders and its working okay, but is the peer exchange tracker safe?

Thanks to anyone who knows this answer. I have been searching and driving myself crazy for weeks. Seems there is a lot of different views in this matter. Hopefully someone know the real answer. If anyone does have an answer, i will make sure to post it on other site where people may be confused. Its a good thing to know!



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If using BTGuard, you cannot use DHT, Local Peer Discovery, or Peer exchange, they bypass the Proxy in some cases, thus your IP is not hidden.

UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is anther commonly used protocol on the Internet. However, UDP is never used to send important data such as webpages, database information, etc; UDP is commonly used for streaming audio and video. Streaming media such as Windows Media audio files (.WMA) , Real Player (.RM), and others use UDP because it offers speed! The reason UDP is faster than TCP is because there is no form of flow control or error correction. The data sent over the Internet is affected by collisions, and errors will be present. Remember that UDP is only concerned with speed. This is the main reason why streaming media is not high quality. It is used for torrents to bypass ISP throttling.

However, it won't be of much use to those hoping to evade Comcast's new protocol agnostic throttling system, which throttles a user back if a particular CMTS port is congested, and if that user has been consuming more than 70% of his allotted throughput for more than fifteen minutes.

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