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How to disable seeds/leechers ratio enforcement? Faster initial seed


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I wish to use bittorrent to distribute some large files. I have 4 dedicated seedbox's to ensure that the torrent always has some seeders.

Unfortunately, when I release a new torrent the seedbox's is't sending data as fast as they can at one's, but start to seed slow, then the speed picks up.

I have run the following experiment:

* Setup 4 servers that has 100% of the file, and one PC that will download. There are all connected to the same 1 Gbps switch.

When I start to download i see the below speed graph (green is download speed).


It gets faster and faster to download for the PC, but the sources to download from remained the same (the 4 servers). Has this something to do with seeds/leechers ratio, or that the PC don't seed's data to anyone else?

I wan't to send out data at maximum capacity all the time. How can I reach max bandwidth utilization at one's?

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