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Utorrent connection issue

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Hi All

I have just changed from a windows pc to a Mac, never had connection issues with Utorrent but since changing my connection will not remain stable?

I can download at very good speeds via Virgin Media cable, I have port forwarded the router so all is good there, but I have noticed I am not seeding and the lcon in the bottom corner of the utorrent screen flicks amber, then green - then goes to grey "no connection" then flicks back to green??

Never had this problem on windows so any help you guys can offer will be appreciated!

cheers all


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I am having the same problem. When I first got my Mac and installed utorrent, it worked well but not perfectly. Two months ago, we switched from Cox as our cable provider to Verizon. Instantly, my connection was perfect; I never had to forward a new port, the green indicator never faltered. Suddenly, I can get no connection. I think it might have to do with my recent utorrent update to 1.5.3(25334). I am not sure what the previous version was. I have utorrent installed on another computer on my home network, version 3.0, and it is working perfectly. Can anyone help with this problem? Thanks

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