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µTorrent Mac 1.5.14 stable


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Ok, but I don't think we have the same problem. As Zandros mentioned I don't have a US layout keyboard and that may be the reason why I can't get into the advanced preferences pushing those 3 buttons.

"CMD + ," work, but not "CMD+OPT(alt)+,"

So, this should still be addressed by the developers asap.

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I can confirm that the problem with the Advanced Preferences is with the non-american keyboard. I have a french canadian keyboard and it only works if, in system preferences, I change the input language to American.

Also, I found out that the"Per torrent limit" setting is not working properly. If I put 100, the torrent always max out at 75 connections. If I put 134, then I max out at 99, which is also about 75% of the number I entered. Strange... Maybe it's my other settings?

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I found a solution to the advanced preferences problem!

After trying a bunch of different combination, it opened when I pressed:

OPT + <

The OPT button is marked "ALT" on my keyboard. "<"-button is above CTRL.

Do you mean Command + OPT + < (Win + Alt + <)?... this works for me.

Update: indeed, OPT + < also works :P

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Sorry ppk... i tested this a while ago and don't remember this combination working at the time, so i just went running through it this time and didn't tested it before posting, along with failing to mention my keyboard layout :P

OPT + < (Alt + <) works fine for me too, on a Logitech pt_PT keyboard.

Thanks for pointing it out :)

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Firstly, thanks for the great release! This is really a major leap forward. :D

I want to point out two small features that i was really looking forward to:

1. Ability to reorder the torrents in the list. Currently the only way to do this is right click and select "Move up/down Queue" which becomes very tedious if the list is long :(

2. This is more of a bug. In case the torrent "Name" column is short, so that the full name of the torrent is not visible, hovering over it does not display the full name in the tooltip that appears. Instead the tooltip only shows the amount of text that was already visible :/

It would be great if these tiny albeit useful features are released in the next minor update. Thanks!

Any word on this please developers?

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Anybody know what to do about the bug that leaves a .imported file on your desktop after downloading torrents and getting them auto added?

For example, I download a torrent it gos to the desktop like I have it setup, then uTorrent auto adds the torrent, and the torrent gets auto deleted like I have setup but on my desktop uTorrent now leaves a .imported file every time I download a torrent, how do I fix this problem?

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µTorrent 1.5.11 sends as anget uTorrentMac/15110(25801) and a random peer_id is -UM15110d[)q$

I think at least the peer_id is bad because following the azureus peer_id style like the other utorrent versions should be -UM1511-d[)q$ note the - instead of the 0. I think that the issue is the version number so agent should be uTorrentMac/1511(25801).

I think that the mistake was adding the 1 for 11 without removing the 0 of 10.

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Disabling the directory watcher (Directories->Automatically load .torrents from) fixes the CPU issue for me.

How do you disable directory watcher?

Preferences > Directories


It's the bottom 2 tabs. I was also getting the 50% CPU spikes but this sort of fixed it. I'm still getting a 28% CPU usage from uTorrent where I used to not even notice if it was running, but it's better than the 50% I was getting before.

Thanks for all your work, uTorrent! Hope to see the CPU spikes fixed as that's a very handy aspect of the program. :D

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