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µTorrent Mac 1.5.14 stable


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Beta 1.5.2 does not show the right download and upload speeds. In fact it shows 3 diffrent speeds on dock, bottom window and torrent list.

Mac OSX 10.6.7

Utorrent 1.5.2 beta

Doesn't happen to me (OSX 10.5.8). Everythng's straight as an arrow on my computer.

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Let me report this :

I tried to DL a torrent partially and it seems 25258 doesn't handle this well : I find it impossible to complete it, the DL stops and I get the red exclamation mark. I click on it and restart the DL, the blue arrow appears and after a few seconds the red exclamation mark re-appears, grinding things to a halt.

So far I've restarted this torrent about 20 times and I'm stuck at 97%...

It seems that the problem occurs as the torrent comes near completion say beyond 90-92%. After that it's stop-and-start stop-and-start stop-and-start...

EDIT : there's definitely a problem with the way 25258 handles partial torrents. I just noticed that a completed partial torrent (which displayed a green arrow) suddenly became red. I clicked on the icon and it went back to green but that's annoying...

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Diffrent speeds and high CPU!

Same here, high CPU usage is not a new feature though! ;)

I've noticed on build 25258 (osx 10.6.7) the download/upload transfer speeds aren't updating at all, or very infrequently.

Thanks for the new build!

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Is there a sense in releasing a "stable" version that is so buggy it's useless?


Stop bitching.

I would rather like to have version with less features but stable than feature rich beta...

Anyway, I apriciate the work of utorrent team!

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Hi, there are known bugs for me. :) Please, fix it in next beta. ;)

I have a problem in Feeds Menu.

1) When I start download from feeds - it's automatically starts download file without showing me a window with torrent details and menu with path to save it.

I mean this Menu:


2) First picture is good and at second - some problems:


So, it shows me that all files are dowloaded and headlights are missing:


3) Upload and Dowload speed are missing too.

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Sometimes the list of labels in the Add New Torrent seem to only display a few of the already existing labels, but unfortunately I cannot figure out the exact steps to reproduce.

Otherwise this seems like a fairly solid release. Good job!

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I'm sorry for the double post, but I thought of a few things:

Hash checking seems a good deal slower?


In the Add New Torrent dialog (still modal for some reason), perhaps it isn't necessary to show the /Volumes part at the beginning of the file path, I mean, it's always /Volumes.

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We've also added some hidden preferences for advanced users, which contain almost all the advanced settings from the Windows client. Press Cmd + Opt + , to access them.

this combination key does not work with a French Canadian (CSA) keyboard...

If I switch my keyboard to US, it works fine...

So I think you should definitively change this combination to something else... Cmd + Opt is fine... the problem is with the ,

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So does anyone else have a problem with uTorrent 1.5.2 storing all downloads in Application Support folder?

I also have duplicate folders like these:

"Bittorrent+download+(year)" and "Bittorrent download (year)"

I hope this will be fixed in 1.5 stable

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