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beta 1.5: Invalid feed URL


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I tried to add different rss feeds in the client, but I could not manage doing that, having an error above. Eventually I added the same url as I used before using uTorrent Web and eventually I saw this feed in 1.5 mac client.

Now I have following problems - I can not change feed settings in client having the same error and I see 15 unread, but nothing in the feed exept the one empty line with "Today" as Publish date. It is possible there are problems with coding as I see no names in Feed list in Web client.

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umm, running in preview ... all goes ok, just a little problem: time to time torrent quit cleanny...

you reopen µtorrent and if you ara downloading a torrent, it will resume correctly :D

so, very very nice job !!!

some features that I wished to have are present... (I want o able translate it Spanish - 3 hours using AppleGlot )

thanks, µtorrent mac crew !!!

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