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Another file relocation issue in 2.2.1 - build 24908


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I have moved complete files to another drive, its a mapped network drive on a server with lots of HDD's placed into one via junctions to make a sensible file system instead of trying to find folders all over the drives.

It is mapped on the torrenting computer as B:

So B:\All TV\A\ is on one large drive, B:\All TV\M\ is on another.

The problem comes when I have moved stuff over to a directory on there, and then try to use right click, advanced, set download location.

There is not enough disk space to move xxxxx to its final location.

The problem is, there is no need for utorrent to move anything, I do not have the option selected to move anything that is not in the default direcotry, and the directory the file is now in has over 300 gigs free, so a 1.something gig file has plenty of space even if it was looking to put another copy of it in there.

I suspect what is happening is that it is look ing at the free space in the root of the drive, not the destination folder, and yes, the root directory of the drive is pretty full and would not fit the file in question in.

The other computer running 2.0.something is able to retarget to the drive without problem, it seems that there is a new free space check in the new utorrent which does not need to be there, or is implimented incorrectly.

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