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ipfilter not working - where have the right click menues gone?


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This is the story:

I downloaded a file and got a peer connection from

I looked it up using http://www.ip2location.com/free.asp and it turned out to be a non-desired client.

I had previously set up IP filtering and in the log I had received this message:

Loaded ipfilter.dat (329345 entries).

Checking the %APPDATA%\utorrent\ipfilter.dat file I find this range: <=======

First question: Why is the peer not blocked? Looks like a bug.

Then I researched the subject a bit and these articles



talk about right click menus on the "Logger" and "Peers" tab. The first article talks about logging blocked peers to convince yourself that the IP filtering is working.

Second question: Where are the right click menus gone?

Since they seem to have disappeared, where has the functionality gone?

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OK. I found the right click menu. One needs to right click in the area below the tabs, not on the tabs themselves.

As for the IP filter. That's a mystery. Now that I turned on the logging of blocked IPs, I can see that it's actually doing something. Strange why the IP mentioned in the original post wasn't blocked.

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