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Likes to add itself to Start-Up list in msconfig


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I've removed a bunch of programs from my Start Up list to include uTorrent for the reason of speeding up the start up process. uTorrent does not seem to like this and adds itself back onto the Start Up list when you start it up.

I have a problem with this as this borders on intrusive when you have a program doing what it likes and opposing what you want in your settings and effecting your system settings. :mad:

The bigger problem comes in when system tries to go into sleep mode or shutdown, it hangs. So then I have to do a hard shutdown. :mad:

I can't help but think that it was intentional by the programmers as this takes some thought to execute. I'm not a programmer but my gf is and don't see how this was a mistake. This should definitely get fixed. :/

Other than this intrusive problem, this program seems to run stable and provides an excellent service. Thanks for the hard work. :)

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