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Slow D/L Speeds, Showing Seeds but wont connect.


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Im kinda new to downloading torrents or using Utorrent.

basically whats going on is i will download a torrent and open it up in Utorrent it says its downloading but the speed is anywhere from .1kb/s to 9kb/s. ive been trying it out with different torrents and it shows that they have seeders but it wont connect to them. it just started happening tonight ive successfully downloaded torrents in the past before and usually itll take anywhere from 10-25minutes depending on the size. i checked my internet connection and its running just as fast as it always is. is there something i can do to speed up the download or maybe i have some of my settings wrong?

Also Ive noticed that some torrents that i download (the majority of them) after they complete downloading will come up with a Red X and the status is Error: Invalid download state. is there anyway to clear of already downloaded torrents?

any help is very much appreciated thanks

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