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DOuble Windows Opening


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Okay i've been observing this issue since quite a while,

I'm using utorrent on Win7 64 Bit.

For quite some time i have been observing this that, when utorrent automatically updates itself and start,

when i double click on a finished download or, right click and open folder, the downloaded folder opens twice.

I observed this and happens when the client updates itself automatically,

This doesn't happen when i download the new updated installer manually and run the setup.

in this case the folder opens only once.

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I reported this bug like 2 month ago. I solved it by using an older version.

Yesterday uTorrent said their was a new version and i tried that. (v2.2.1 b25130)

Now that bug is back, sooooo annoying.

The second time the folder opens is delayed like 20 seconds.

Returning back to v2.2 b23703

Every release after that is bugged for me

On Win 7 64 bit

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I've been using Directory Opus for a long time, and it works with v2.2 b23703.

Other versions of uTorrent above that open double folders.

Since noone cares about this problem, Utorrent staff blames Directory opus and vice versa,

My solution is easy, I use Deluge from now on. its an exellent bittorrent client that doesnt have this problem.

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This is not a problem with Directory Opus.

I'm using uTorrent 2.2.1 on XP Pro SP3 with standard Windows Explorer. No alternative Explorer or add-on is installed.

When I use Open Containing Folder in uTorrent, an Explorer window opens, and then several seconds later another Explorer window opens. Not sure when this started happening, but I've only noticed it recently.

I've linked the issue to an Explorer option to always have Folders view enabled, which is done by going to Folder Options > File Types > Folder > Advanced > "Explore" Set Default.

If "Open" is set to default, uTorrent only opens one window when using Open Containing Folder. If "Explore" is set to default, uTorrent opens TWO windows wen using Open Containing Folder, the first one being a window with Folders view enabled, and the second one not.

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hiya, new user, lovely program, bleh...

right, yes i confirm thehandle's input, a second window opens after about 17 seconds with no tree pane. i always open folders via explore so i get the folder tree in a side pane. also tried an option in 'tools > folder options > views > display simple folder view in explorer's folders list' just for fun but still bugged when using 'explore' as default.

μt sometimes crashes after the first folder opens, perhaps if i close the explorer window quickly, difficult to replicate though, i submitted a dump once.

a clue might be that i don't recall ever seeing the folder highlighted and scrolled to the end of the folder name in the tree pane when things open a folder as a seperate process, as it does when μt opens the first window.

a bug i had in firefox may be connected. after installing μt the download manager in ff 'forgot' how to 'open containing folder' and prompted me to choose ' folder' or 'browse...' if i remember correctly so i chose the ' folder' option as i didn't wish to browse through system32 stuff or wherever it would be, so ff has since only called the explorer with no tree. could this have been reset by μt install or crash?

μt 3.1 alpha build 25671


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I too have just started having this issue. And i am running opus as well. However if you turn off Opus explorer replacement the same thing happens with windows explorer and not opus popping up.

It is interesting that two ppl having issue happen to be running opus but because of the before mentioned behavior I am not sure opus is the culprit yet.

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Hi, I'm one of the Directory Opus developers.

We recently worked out why newer versions of uTorrent triggered two Opus windows to open, and we'll have a fix for it in the Opus beta release which should be out in the next week or so.

We're guessing that a while ago uTorrent was changed to check the result of SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems and, if it fails, fall-back on an alternative method of opening the folder. With Opus replacing Explorer (until, the SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems call would successfully open the folder, but the API itself would then wait for an Explorer window to appear, which obviously didn't happen because Opus isn't Explorer. :) Eventually the API would timeout and return a failure.

uTorrent's behaviour is completely valid, it just took us a while to work out what was going on, and then a while longer to work what the API expected Opus to do (its internal behaviour is not documented) and how to do it. We've been testing the change for a while internally and it seems to work great, so everything should be good once we get the new version out next week.

As it happens, when Firefox 9 came out recently its Open Containing Folder menu triggered exactly the same problem in Opus (and will fix that too).

There are a few threads about this in the forum here so I've just picked one of the most recent ones. Didn't want to bump all of them, and hopefully posting here (and on our Opus news blog) is enough to let everyone know.

EDIT: Of course, none of this explains what might be happening on machines that don't have Opus, but I think that is a separate issue.

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This is happening to me. If i right click in uTorrent > 'open containing folder' > the folder opens and then 10 or 15 seconds later it opens the same folder again.

Completely uninstalling µTorrent (running uninstall then deleting the leftover Programs and Appdata folders) and reinstalling did not make any difference.

µTorrent 2.2.1 (<- currently the newest version allowed on MANY sites I'm a member of)

Windows XP MCE

I have no "weird explorer extensions installed" like 'Directory Opus'


Well, I figured out WHY this is happening, but I'm not happy about it.

I have always had XP's folder options set to open in 'Folders view' in the left panel by default (Tools > Folder Options > File Types > select 'NONE (Folder)' > Advanced > Actions: open > OK) instead of that gawdawful default blue panel on the left filled with options no one ever uses ('File and Folder Tasks', 'Other Places', etc).

As long as XP is set to open Explorer windows in 'Folders View' µTorrent is opening the folder right away in Folders View, then 10 or 15 seconds later it's opening the same folder again with that damn blue panel on the left.

If I go back into Windows' Folder Options and change it back to open with that default blue panel on the left (Tools > Folder Options > File Types > select 'NONE (Folder)' > Advanced > Actions: Explore > OK) µTorrent is only opening the folder one time when I use 'Open Containing Folder' but that's not a suitable option imho to fix what is obviously a bug in µTorrent.

Earlier versions of µTorrent did not do this but I can't remember what version I had last before this. I've had Windows set to open folders in 'Folder View' for +8 years now and it's never been an issue with any earlier version of µTorrent or with any other program I've ever run.

Can you please tell me what version of µTorrent introduced this 'SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems' check or whatever it is that the 'Directory Opus' developer describes above that is evidently causing this issue so that I may install the newest version before it?

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I have this same problem.

I'm running 2.2.1 (the later releases give me the same problem).

Two windows open, almost simultaneously, whether I double-click the title of a torrent, click "Open Containing Folder", or click the popup the appears when the torrent completes.

I am not running directory opus or any sort of directory modifier.

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Hi guys,

I think I found the origin of the problem.

Since my english is very poor, I´ll try to explain graphically:

I´m (still) using Windows XP so yo have to find this similar options in your respectives OS:

Go to Tools / Folder options and look for "Folder" item:


Open Advanced options and set "open" as default action.


Done. That should solve the wrong behaviour in uTorrent but changes Windows one, of course.

I hope this points to some way useful.

Greetings from Argentina =)

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