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Using uTorrent in a Higher School Network?


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Hi, I'm trying to use uTorrent within a Higher School Network where it is undoubtedly not wanted. Although I cannot even imagine the network configuration with its switsches and routers. However, I succeeded in downloading gigabytes of files as speedy as hundreds of kbytes per second. I do not know what has this to do with inability to download files per torrents some other days though peers and seeders were available.

The trouble is getting messages like (Logger) Error opening Windows firewall: 0x800 70005 Access denied, and / or the red exclamation sign below "Not connectable" (You need to open a port) or a warning triangle in the middle below though I can see the upload speed indication as high as up to hundreds of kbytes per second in the table row and below at the right side (U xx Kb/s) as well on some other days.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with my Windows firewall (it is off).

My IP address has been given to me to introduce by mask, so it was not generated automatically. I don't think they would help me to make use of the Higher School network for downloading files from elsewhere while using torrents.

So, my primary question should be as follows: Is it possible to set up uTorrent properly on my own in this very case of a Higher School network? --- In order to eliminate the exclamation sign or the warning triangle below in the middle. I'm not sure that the torrent network is really downloading files that I have downloaded before -- through my uploading. How can I check up the uTorrents runs correctly or it is set up properly?

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