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I set up the speed of my downloading Utorrent but now when I play Halo


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online my ping is like 1200. I set my speed back down but my ping is still 1200. It is crazy. I even uninstalled the utorrent program that I download utorrents with, but my ping is still 1200. I don't know what is going on.

I changed all of the downloading speed settings back to what they used to be and still the ping is very high, I even uninstalled the program. I even set the downloading limit within the torrent to be 1 kb/s and still the ping on Halo online is like 1200. What is going on? How do I reverse this????

I will explain to you the speed settings I changed within the utorrent program.


****BANDWITH settings****

-maximum upload rate (kb/s): 60

box is unchecked

-Maximum Download rate: 0

-Global Maximum Number of connections: 1890

-Maximum number of peers per Torrent: 2329

-Number of upload slots per torrent: 5

box unchecked

****BITTORRENT settings****

-Protocol Encryption

Outgoing: Forced

Then my computer started to lag on Halo online. I then changed the settings back to what they used to be. It still lagged. I then uninstalled it. It still lags. What is going on?

*****I AM USING utorrent version 2.2****

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