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RSS Downloader didn't work until uTorrent was exited and restarted...


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Is this by design (some notice would be helpful), a bug, user error/confusion on my part...?

uTorrent 2.2 build 24683. Windows 7 64 bit.

I added a feed to uTorrent yesterday. I referred to a how-to article on the uTorrent site as I did this. First time I've tried this feature.

I then went to the RSS Downloader. I added a favorite there with Filter set to "*" (without quotes), Feed set to the RSS Feed I added, Quality to "ALL", and checked "Give download highest priority" and "Smart ep. filter". I set the minimum interval to "match always" and selected a label for the torrents. Nothing else was checked off. I left Not and Save In blank.

I already had all of the current episodes in the feed in my download folder, so I didn't expect anything to happen yet.

I left uTorrent running and checked that feed a little bit ago today to discover a new episode listed at the top of the feed at 0.0%. It wasn't in my download list. There was a download button on it's entry under the feed. I didn't click it. The Added On time for that entry was about 15 hours ago.

I noticed that the Episode column in the feed's list was blank for all the episodes though, so I thought the smart episode filter probably wouldn't work as expected and might be causing problems, so I edited the filter to uncheck that option. I waited a few minutes but it didn't start downloading.

I then exited uTorrent and reopened it -- and it started download immediately!

Is this necessary to do every time I add a new feed and/or new filter in the RSS Downloader, and was that the essential step I took that got the process going?

thanks muchly,



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