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Recent Speed Issue...


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I've used UTorrent for years and never had any problems, always downloading from 50kB/s - 600kB/s (depending on torrent activity) and always uploading a max of 70kB/s.

However the last couple of weeks have just been bizarre. I'd be downloading at 400kB/s then it'd drop to 0.1 a second!? Nothing I've done has managed to boost any torrent over 1.2 for anything longer than 30 seconds since? There are hundreds of seeds and thousands of peers available, but despite it still uploading at high speeds, I can't get anything in return?

Any ideas guys? My share ratio is always a solid 1.5, though one file has now gone up to 3.1 because I've had nothing in return for three weeks? It seems a lot of the same IP's download from me but no longer upload to me :mad:

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