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UPnP Causing slowness?


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Have been using Utorrent for couple of years and have been getting great results. 1mbps on well seeded torrents. Have recently replaced a netgear router with a newer netgear model. Torrents that were DLing at 1mpbs are now running at 100kbps max (usually around 20kbps. UPnP is enabled on the new router and is mapping the ports (internal matches the external port). Am sure that the problem lies with the config on the router. No changes have been made to uTorrent. Any suggestions on what could be causing this would be very much appreciated.

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Disable SIP ALG - Checked

Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection - Checked

Checked these as an earlier test. No joy.

Couldnt see a setting for SPI.

As another test, I also just set client as a DMZ. No joy.

I realise that this isnt a uTorrent problem per se, but since I know the uTorrent config was good before (based upon your excellent user guides incidentally), I thought I would try here.

Thanks Dread.

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