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µTorrent (2.2.1 build 25031) Global uload val overides prop max ul val


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µTorrent Release Candidate 2 (2.2.1 build 25031)

When torrent reaches defined seeding goal and drops to limitedl upload setting [ as on queing page of settings] - if I then adjust the max upload setting on the torrent properties page to a value that is lower than the default [and tick the "overide default settings box"] - then shortly after the max ul val of properties page gets set back to the limited upload setting on the queing page.

I need the torrent properties setting to hold - as they should do - against any requst or setting from anywhere else.

This is so that I can adjust the max upload of goal reached torrents [ ratio 1.0 and better] when they reach ratios 2, 3 ect.

This is so that unreached goal torrents get max avail speed, as it should be.

If there is some setting avail to do this please put an advice on the forum.

If it is a Bug - as I susspect - please address soonest - otherwise this is going to severly limit my capability to maintain ongoing ul of the torrents I have.

Many thanks in advance for your attention to this problem.

If I have missed some setting that controls this - and I have searched for one - My Appologies.

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