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ipfilter.dat - feature to show that it was loaded


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From the FAQ

Q. How does IP filtering work?

µTorrent 1.1.5 (or later) support IP filtering through an ipfilter.dat file placed in the application directory. Note that ipfiltering is usually NOT necessary. It is NOT a proper method for engaging in secure peer-to-peer. The format of this file should be compatible with eMule-style ipfilter.dat and contains IP ranges on each line like so: -

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i cant see if its loaded in my log window??.. Its placed in utorrents program dir.. in my case C:Program Filesutorrentipfilter.dat!

ive enabled verbose logging and still nada..


:: edit ::

utorrent.exe is using about 8Mb of RAM.. so it seems to be loaded! or.. ?

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It shows this in the log window already.

actually it doesnt. i have the file both in the "application directory" (where the exe is located), and in my application data directory (with resume.dat and settings.dat) and in both cases the only thing that shows up in the log (with verbose on) at startup is utorrent initializing.

please advise

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It's fairly easy even though generally one shgouldn't edit compiled files ;)

and of course...as a catch I get an utorrent-crash message everytime I exit utorrent...so I just wait for the next version WITH the checkbox ;)

OK..here goes...use your editor and open settings.dat (make sure you have a backup somewhere..just in case)

if you're in ASCII Mode go right after "d7:bind_ip0:" and insert the posted string "8:ipfilteri1e"

or in HEX Mode (make sure you INSERT and not overwrite!!)


64 37 3A 62 69 6E 64 5F 69 70 30 3A

it"s right at the file's start


38 3A 69 70 66 69 6C 74 65 72 69 31 65

that'll do the trick ;)


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