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Transfer Cap behaving oddly


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Utorrent 2.2.1 Build 25130

I have some questions about the Transfer Cap, as it seems to be behaving oddly. (I think) And I have some other comments.

I access utorrent from the WebUI and set most stuff up there. I have it running as a service on a WHS box. I'll occasionally remote desktop to the WHS, stop the service, and start utorrent ui to check the transfer cap screen.

My Issue

It seems like the Transfer cap never reaches the end date. I have it set for 30 days with a cap of 130 GB.

I'm pretty sure it's gone longer than that and the uploaded +downloaded value hasn't reset. It now says 139 GB.

My seeding has not stopped, but is proceeding as normal, but the downloads are stopped/queued.

Shouldn't the uploaded+downloaded value start to slowly decrease if I stop uploading and downloading over the past couple weeks, which I have done? Should it reset all at once back to zero?


Wouldn't it be better to set a day of the month to reset? Rather than a number of days? To match it up with billing cycles?

It would be good to see the history values somewhere to see what's been happening, in aggregate over the past few months.

Any help on the above issue would be appreciated.

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