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Set Download Location for Folder issue. Was working in V2.2


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Thank you for the great uTorrent program. I love it. However, i found an issue in V.2.2.1 which was working on V2.2.

If I download a complete serie via RSS, these days they put every episode in a separate folder. I always reorganize that by placing all the episodes in one folder and change the download location to the specicic folder. This always worked.

Since version 2.2.1 you keep the 'initial' download folder name. So if i download a serie contained in the folder "MyShowSerieOneEpisodeOne" and i want to change the download location that to "c:\MyShow\SerieOne\" You automatically add MyShowSerieOneEpisodeOne to that so, "c:\MyShow\SerieOne\MyShowSerieOneEpisodeOne\", so there is no way (anymore) to organize all the episodes on one folder.

I solved it now by downgrading to 2.2. But can you please change / solve this?

Thank you very much in advance! And thanks again for the great app!


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