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Dead slow speed


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My torrent has literally killed me and has driven me insane for over a week now... the download speed on speedtest.net is good and averages around 1.5 MBPS. I am also able to download songs at a speed of 250-300 kbps. When it comes to torrent downloads it is hovering around 3-8 KBPS. I have tried everything but to no avail.. I have reloaded windows 7, uninstalled utorrent reloaded it deleted all old files checked firewall changed anti virus but nothing is working. I have now uploaded bittorrent and have tried various new torrents it is the same.. i was getting fantastic download till a week ago

Last night I loaded bittorrent and it shows 300-1 MBPS as wasted!!! what could this be?

Please help me get back to my hobby I have done all sort of trouble shooting

please pleaase help.

Thanks for your help...


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