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Unexpected quit from starting a specific .torrent file


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Good day,

Found a curious bug where when the client goes to start the torrent the application quits without warning. No errors either.

The link to the file is this:


My guess is it doesn't like the size of the torrent (380GB, the largest I've ever opened) I'm only downloading a small portion of the overall torrent and have the space to do it.


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I have the same problem. I'm trying to download only one file out of a large torrent. The torrent is 300GB, but I only have 50GB free.

Here's how to reproduce it:

1) Start a very large torrent. http://www.kat.ph/movies-pack-720p-t1636100.html

2) Once the torrent starts downloading, select any file and choose "Do Not Download."

3) Select the same file and choose "Normal Priority."

uTorrent will crash. I've tested this on 1.0.2 and 1.5.1.

After it crashes, if I restart uTorrent, sometimes it will either crash immediately with no dialog or it will start up and re-check the file.

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This problem is the biggest gripe I have with uTorrent for Mac. I have found that the problem is reliably reproduced on any torrent over ~200 gigs. I'm not sure what the exact cut off point is but it's super aggravating. It just quits uTorrent. Sometimes if it's started the download before it quits (which you can sometimes get it to do by only selecting a certain number of files to download) it will just quit when you open it back up again. Otherwise it just pretends you never added it.

Happens on both versions for me as well as the beta.

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