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Some seeding help if possible


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Someone has probably already mentioned this, but I tried to search it out with no success:

Since I first started using UTorrent, I was on satellite internet, which often had issues with me leaving open active traffic going all the time, so I tried to seed as much as possible, but if I wanted to download a torrent myself, I often had to stop the uploads so I wouldn't get harassed for exceeding my bandwidth allocation. I would often choose to remove a torrent from the main screen to limit this. Now, I have a better connection without satellite, and I've been thinking about bringing some of these completed torrents back up to the main screen so that other people can begin seeding from my library again. But it seems that once I remove them from the main screen, it doesn't work; or I just don't know how. Can anyone help me by telling me how to go into the "completed" directory and put them back up on the main screen? Thanks..:D

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