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Windows 7 limiting number of connections/how fast you connect to peers


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Hi guys.

I've recently been tweaking my settings. Today I was downloading a torrent with around 600 seeds and 1000 peers. My download is 6000KB/s but I was only getting 800KB/s. I raised the max number of connected peers (used to have it set at 125) to 200 and I got 4MB/s. However although I set it to 200, it only connected to around 180 in total (despite there being way more peers and seeds available).

I heard that the max halfopen connections limit present in XP SP2/3 has been taken out of Windows 7, but I wonder if there is some other limit somewhere that's causing me to not connect to the specified amount of peers?

I also find that it takes quite a while to connect to all the peers and seeds depite raising the max halfopen in utorrent to 100 and the bt connect speed to 50. I read something that Windows 7 tweaks the settings on the fly and I suspect that might be why it's slow to connect.


Can this be fixed by any of the tweaks here, and which ones?

Much thanks

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Specific torrents may not be able to give you the speed you're after simply because the peers don't have the bandwidth.

halfopen tweaks won't help you at all.

Most of the tweaks in that guide are unnecessary and may cause other problems.

Well that's kind of what I was getting at. I was connected to 125 peers or so and they couldn't provide enough bandwith, so I increased the maximum number of connections per torrent, which had a massive increase (0.8MB/s to 4MB/s). However I increased my max number of connections and connected to 160 seeds (600 available) and 20 peers (1000 available). I had set the limit to 200 but only ever connected to 180 of them give or take a few.

If there are more peers available, and the number of peers I'm connected to is lower than my maximum, shouldn't utorrent try to connect to the rest of them up until I either hit my max download, or max number of connections?

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