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Trouble pointing to existing files


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Hi all,

Sorry, correction, see below

I'm a long time utorrents user but new to this forum.

I have a lot of existing files in directories with names like:

band/tour/date-city-some aditional info

Usually when a torrent is posted on a tracker I could download the torrent file, point it to the proper directory (date-city-some aditional info), re-check files and start seeding.

But since the last (or previous?) update of utorrent this has changed.When I try to point to the above directory (date-city-some aditional info) utorrent creates a new subdirectory with the name of the torrent.

I there a way to prevent this?

In some cases the torrent name matches the "date-city-some aditional info" bit, in which case I can point to the higher directory level and it still works as it used to be. But in most cases the names don't match.

Correction: this doesn't happen when I point directly to the directory when the new torrent is loaded, but only when I load it first and than change the destination.

Thanks for advice,


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