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Not recognizing open port


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I just got a new laptop and am trying to install/configure uT on it but am having trouble getting it to recognize my port. I gave my new laptop the exact same static IP that my old one had so all the router/modem configurations should be the same. If I check my port in that pfPortChecker program it says it's open (it also says it can't ping my router for some reason) but uTorrent keeps saying that my port is NOT open. At first it was giving me the "neither nat-pmp nor upnp is enabled. please check your preferences" error but after enabling one of those in the preferences I just get the "port is not open but you are still able to download" error. I don't remember ever having to enable either of those settings in the past but that was probably older versions of uT. Any advice???

The system is Windows 7 x64 and I've added the appropriate port exceptions to the Windows firewall (no other firewall/antivirus installed currently)

EDIT: I also just checked my desktop computer which was configured properly in the past and am now getting the "port is not open" error when I check it. Is this something a new version could have broken? I know for a fact it was configured correctly, it's been set up and running fine for months but I have noticed my upload speeds being kind of crappy lately...

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