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uTorrent causes my PC to Freeze in Windows 7 x64.


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I've seen similar posts, but no real answers.

I am using Windows 7 x64 and uTorrent 2.2.1. For no reason my computer will freeze and when I reboot, uTorrent has lost all of it's data (no downloads or uploads). I can import them and start all over, but this seems to happen at least once a day.

Is this an issue in this version or should I look into something else?

Thank you,


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After 24 hours and Zero responses, I'm going to post my own response. This issue has only been happening since I upgraded to version 2.2.1 and furthermore, the latest bundle of Microsoft Updates has made the problem happen even more than before. As I stated, it's happening at least once a day.

My resolution was to downgrade to uTorrent 2.02. This seems to have resolved the issue. So far I have not had any crashes, while two days ago, before I switched versions, I had two crashes within a few hours.

Take Care,



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