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seeding does not stop after goal reached


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problem: utorrent does not stop seeding even after reaching the seeding goal,

despite setting "when utorrent reaches the seeding goal, limit the upload rate to" = 0

fresh installation of utorrent 2.2.1, resume.dat has been importet from a previous installation.


I tried overriding the default settings for the torrent listed above, and set both minimum ratio and minimum seeding time to 1, without change:


This does not seem to happen with all torrents.

It might be only torrents imported from the old resume.dat, but that is hard to test.

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I've seen same thing. Don't know real answer, but seems might be that seeding will continue while d/l still active. (just observation). It does say the value is "MINIMUM ratio," not a hard maximum.

It seems if file finishes d/l'g before seeding goal is reached, then UT does stop seeding at the ratio % in settings. Not positive, but appears it's how it works. Quite often, I'll see finished d/l's that show an upload ratio exactly = to my setting. If d/l files stall / slow way down, uploading can continue. I think this is when the seeding goal is exceeded.

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