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An Option for 1.8 UI Style?


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Hi. Just a quick suggestion. I'd like to be able to set the current version of utorrent (and future) to have the same UI look and feel as 1.8. I managed to find this thread with icons, but things like the category list still look different (eg the expand buttons to the left make the sidebar wider than I want it to be) and the fonts.


If anyone has any pointers, that would be great. I've been stuck using 1.6.1 for ages simply because most times I get good speeds and I prefer the way it looks.

Hope you take this into consideration either as an offical theme, default look or something. IMO the stock icons are too bright and in your face. I also feel that the old progress bar and icons were a lot more discrete too.

Many thanks

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The old listview is gone. It will not come back. Some of the UI changes can be reverted to the old look through skins or advanced options, but not all, and this won't change in the future simply because the old view is often just totally ripped out of the code or rewritten.

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