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Still troubles


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First things first:

My (secondary) OS is Windows XP SP3.

I have read the setup guide - I know it inside out.

I have read the forums and tried all fixes.

I am not behind a firewall.

My router ports are defined and wide open.

My settings are reasonable - less than 100 simultaneous connections for everything.

My ISP doesn't throttle or interfere with torrents.

I have no previous versions of uTorrent installed and no leftovers in the registry.

Having that out of the way, here are my issues:


uTorrent keeps resetting my Internet connection after viewing 2-3 pages in a Web Browser.

I tried with different versions of Opera, FF, Chrome and IE - same result.

Shortly after I start an application with Internet access, i.e FTP, the connection is reset.

If I shut down uTorrent my connection lasts forever.


I upload most of my torrents to private trackers.

It is common practice to re-download your torrent in order to get a passkey.

After doing that, uTorrent doesn't upload anything.

It takes a few torrent re-downloads to get it working.


When selecting 'initial upload' , uTorrent doesn't upload anything.

If I shut it down and re-download the torrent, uTorrent starts uploading after a while - very slowly

Changing upload priorities has no effect whatsoever.


Everything worked as expected prior uTorrent Version 1.8.6

My primary OS is Unix (FreeBSD)

rTorrent or kTorrent work like a charm.

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