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uTorrent install / run problems


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I'm on windows 7. I've been trying to install the latest version of uTorrent (no previous versions installed). I go through the installation options, but once I reach the actual "Install" button clicking it results in a command prompt window popping up and closing quickly (too fast to read what it says) and then nothing. The installer does nothing more, it just sits there as if clicking install did nothing. Clicking install again results in the same thing. After trying this a few times with seemingly no luck, I redownloaded the installer. However, running the installer actually opens uTorrent now. There is no other way to run uTorrent and no evidence of it anywhere on my system except for the installer, which now asks if I want to run it and then rather than opening the installer actually opens uTorrent. I have no way to change this behavior such as via uninstalling because as far as my system is concerned it isn't installed.

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