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New Apt. Legacy downloads work but I cannot download new torrents


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Hi. I just changed apartments and they have free internet in the building. My old torrents still download and upload...but I can't start any new ones. The trackers don't work.

The old and new torrents have down red arrows...everything is red but I can still download, I am guessing because I have existing peers. The trackers give the same messages as the new torrents which don't work

Tried dicking around with various settings but nothing works. The buildings internet guy said it should work...but everyone in the building has this problem. The internet guy is an idiot.

Any thoughts????? I dont really know much about this stuff.

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Are you able to download this test torrent from LibreOffice?


And what's the color of the network icon in µT systray? Green circle?

Because if you don't have any access to the router, you are probably "firewalled" by the building network (that would be why you see these errors like "connection closed by peer")

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