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Why does uTorrent always ask for firewall permission?

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Every single time I start uTorrent it asks me twice for permission to accept incoming transmissions through the firewall.

I have custom firewall settings for individual programs on Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard).

I have tried to removed the firewall entry and then add it back in, and completely remove all uTorrent-related files from the computer and reinstall, but the problem persists.

uTorrent is the only program I've had this problem with, ever; and it's been going on for several versions, but it wasn't like this in the beginning, if I remember correctly.

Any input which could solve this problem would be appreciated.

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I can confirm the same problem as reported before. Version: 1.7.7.

None of the solutions suggested in previous posts help: (1) ports are not randomized to start with; (2) uTorrent is already added to Mac Firewall with the option "Allow incoming connections" turned on.

Yet the problem persists: every time I turn on uTorrent the system asks if to allow incoming connections. :( Complete reinstall of uTorrent did not help either.

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