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Error: Files missing from job.


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(Running 2.2.1) I started having a error a couple of weeks ago.. while i'm downloading it suddenly stops with a Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck. or Invalid Download state, restart. Sometimes i can just start it again other times need to recheck (hash) for it to continue.. i thought it was because of an old win install which was getting buggy.. so i reinstalled windows 7 x64 but the problem was still there... i checked my ram with memtest86+ no problem there.. checked my harddisk.. no problem there... moved my downloads to a new Harddisk.. still having this problem.. tried moving it to a short pathname (d:\dl) still there... tried mingling with the cache settings for my harddisk.. still errors.. So i downgraded utorrent to version 2.2 and the problem went away.. so i guess there's a bug i 2.2.1


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