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[SOLVED] Features I'd like to know if uTorrent has


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I'm thinking of trying to install uTorrent on a terminal only linux box and I have a few questions.

1) Multiple RSS feeds: configure multiple RSS feeds then auto-update every 'x' time and if any new content is added this content is automatically downloaded?

2) Set destination folder automatically based on content: using either categories or regexp from filename with wildcards such as '*', '?', '#'?

2.1) if based on categories: is there a way to set category automatically based on regexp from filename or

or the RSS feed from witch the torrent was downloaded?

4) Is it possible to run uTorrent without X and set advance configurations such as the features I mentioned above using for example the terminal, or a remote X session?

Some of you may have suspected that the features I mention above are available in other BitTorrent client, but I'd like to try uTorrent.

Thanks in advance,


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1> Already have it

2> nope

4> look at the linux specific version.

Thanks for the info. Setting the destination folder is something very important for me thus my following questions:

Is there at least some way to set destination folder for each torrent? Or just if I change destination folder in one torrent all other torrents are moved there?

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I finally figured out how to move the folder locations - AND IT'S SO EASY! (in version 2.2.1)

1. Open uTorrent

2. In the main section of the screen, in the name column, right-click on the name of the Torrent you want to move

3. Click on Advanced > Set Download Location, browse to the destination folder, click on "Select Folder"

That's it! If you open windows explorer and look for the folder, it will no longer be in the old location - it will be moved to the new location. uTorrent moves the folder on your hard drive, and you don't lose any seeding activity, etc. This has worked for both finished and seeding torrents. However, I have not tried it to a currently downloading torrent. :o)

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