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big speed problem


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dear manager,i am in a university in china.our Campus Network is 100M to desktop,and 1000M for trunk.i run a bt set ,just for all the student to share their movies.and there is a major sever to store these movies and upload them.i have set the biggest uploading speed for each torrent,but when they are uploading,this set doesn`t work at all.some task in a very hight speed,such as 5-10MB,but others are very slow in about 50-100KB,bandwidth is not distributed to every job equally.please tell me ,how to limit every task in the same speed,my sever have a 1G fiber connected to a access layer switch,but the highest uploading speed of my utorrent is upto 21MB,that confuse me too.looking foward to your suggestion and forgive my poor english.

best wishes

utorrentor from china

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