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503: Remote client returned an error


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I recently registered for a web.utorrent.com account and I have linked my utorrent client to the account successfully but when I try to login to the service, I get the following error:

503: Remote client returned an error
Your remote uTorrent client is unavailable or returned an error. Is the client connected
in the Remote Access preferences?

The thing is, I'm running utorrent as a service on my nas-server running Windows Home Server v1 as OS.

I also tested the web.utorrent.com service when running utorrent on my desktop computer with the same account and it worked fine. However there is something wrong when utorrent is on my server.

I tried searching these forums and googled, but couldn't find a fix for this.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Remote access all over the world would be a great feature! Especially when my server is on 24/7.

(btw, I'm currently using the utorrent WEB API to control utorrent)

Thanks in advance!


I found out the reason! When I'm logged in the server and start the process as a windows process web.utorrent.com works perfectly! However, if I run uTorrent as a Windows service, the web service does not work.

To circumvent this, I set up uTorrent to start as a scheduled task at windows startup and to run the task, even if I'm not logged in. Now it works!

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Im having the same issue with my server utorrent service, but can you elaborate on your fix a little bit?


I had the same problem, and found out the fix! Go to Control Panel and then to Scheduled Tasks. Select Add a new task and then find your uTorrent.exe file. Make that start up when the computer starts up and enter your Administrator password. Then go into the advanced properties and make sure that it is never stopped, as it is automatically stopped after 72 hours.

Hope all goes well.

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