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DHT Enabled But 'Not Allowed' in Trackers?


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I think I don't understand DHT properly.

Because I have a Torrent that has no seeds and I can't find any I enabled DHT because in the past I've seen Torrents spring to life and download when they too had no working trackers showing any seeds.

But this time that doesn't happen. There's still no download activity and the tracker list shows DHT as 'not allowed' - though I've enabled it in options.

Could someone educate me on what is going on here and perhaps what I should/could do to find seeds for this torrent?

I've also got a question about those download for money sites one often runs into when chasing a particular torrent. You are trying to download a free torrent, i.e. a torrent for a free file, sometimes it even has 'free' in the filename, and your google hits lead you to sites that keep screaming at you that its a free download and then just before the download should begin they ask you for money...

Which is my complaint. Not that they ask you for money but that they pretend and pretend until the last second.

AND the files they offer seem very suspicious to me. For there'll often be a short list of them on the screen - listing a handful of these sites each offering the file you want. But all with different file sizes often - obviously they can't all be it. What are those sites? Totally suspect?

But that's by-the-by, mainly I want to know about this DHT thing.

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