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µTorrent 3.0 (32-bit) Stable Release


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Some GUI glitch: on the "Files" tab — on every µTorrent restart the "Rate" column forgets it's width value (i.e. set by double clicking) and gets default (?) value about twice as wide' date=' activating horizontal scroll.

Sorry if this was mentioned earlier.[/quote']


Does this still happen for you?

If so, please let me know what the circumstances are (upgraded from version X to Y, OS Version, default info tab, etc)


If you can't reproduce this, then I'm guessing his settings.dat is messed up like mine was when I had the Streamable column issue. Starting with a fresh settings.dat fixed it for me. BTW, were you able to find anything out from the settings.dat I sent you?

Yes, I believe this is a settings.dat mishap. If I remember correctly, the dev was able to reproduce the problem with your settings.dat, but in was not able to otherwise.

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How can you tell what is the % done if you stop a torrent BEFORE it reaches 100% ?

Seems like combining for the old "done" column with the "status" column makes is impossible hard to view, and you have to use calc to do "completed"/"size" x 100 ... :P

You might want to use "stopped X%" instead of just "stopped" status...

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I really cann't accept that when I hide category list and it's still have a bar.

Look at the Changelog:

- Change: Added advanced option: gui.enable_sidebar_buttons

Oh! Sorry it's seem I have to learn about 3.0 config.

And it's crash after I do something I cann't remember because after I cann't hide sidebar I instant uninstall and back to use 2.2.1, I will try 3.0 again on stable release.

Thank you.

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uTorrent 3.0 has problems with up speed. With third version i had like 1mb/s upload speed, when i went back to last stable release upload speed become stable at around 7-11mb/s.

I believe this is related to issue described here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=590392#p590392 Problem is that version 3.0 reads huge number of bytes for every tiny request. I have upload speed 1.5 Mbit/s. There is around 10 chunk requests per second and utorrent reads 4 MB for every request in my case. It means that utorrent reads 40 MB/s from my disk. My average HDD read speed is 66 MB/s. In theory uploading speed will be stalled at 1.5 * 66 / 40 = 2.5 MBit/s if I would have sufficient upload speed. So I can't send more than 2.5 MBit/s even if I have 100 MBit/s channel.

Try to disable read cache in settings and check if it helps.

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...also causes my PC to stutter(as of some of the latest betas).

It's a recurring thing. Last time this happened I switched to vuze.

We'll see what happens when we hit stable. If it's still there I either remain with 2.2.1 or switch to vuze again.

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- Speed limit, I think, is not working correctly..

DL limit = 1000 kB/s => DL speed = 700-750 kB/s

DL limit = 750 kB/s => DL speed = 420-450 kB/s

DL limit = 450 kB/s => DL speed = 150-200 kB/s

Apply rate limit to uTP connections = enable

25345 RC4

+ Max. number of connected peers per torrent:

Max. number of connected = 60 => peers per torrent = 43-45

Max. number of connected = 40 => peers per torrent = 30-32

Max. number of connected = 30 => peers per torrent = 18-21


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Hi guys,

Since 3.0 I've been noticing some higher temperatures on my CPU, and no it's not the summer.

I have an Athlon II X2, and it seems that uT tends to get better afinity with core 1, so this gets more load preventing the Cool N' Quiet to throttle down the CPU. In Win 7 I forced the afinity on CPU 0 and now it's fine, unfortunately I have to do this each time uT starts.

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Wrong counting. 3 torrents are seeding, but utorrent is showing (2) on the left menu. No torrents are downloading, but utorrent is showing (1). These numbers not refreshed after the last task shifted state from downloading to seeding.


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Ok I got the disk overloaded 100% problem, My HDD is sata not IDE and there is enough RAM.

Plus I got another bug where utorrent crashes when I force recheck a torrent(and it stays at 0%)

I tried to unchecked the read and write cache check box but still doesn't work.

really all went well in the last beta release but the one before did almost the same thing.

This really is a hassle when you have space to dl but it just wont.

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lot of duplicate entries there.. I believe it should say:

-- 2011-06-13: Version 3.0 RC5 (build 25377)

- Fix: fix rating column interaction

- Fix: compose the name of a magnet link as utf-8

- Fix: fix sidebar toolbar and detail pane chevron

- Change: Enable URLs that redirect to magnet links for bundles and add torrent URL

- Fix: Fixed activation from system tray. Will not activate window when UI setting to activate is unchecked.

- Fix: Reopen uT in final position on exit or maximized/unmaximized in second monitor

It seems the speed graph background is now grey as well, though it's not mentioned.

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Ok I got the disk overloaded 100% problem, My HDD is sata not IDE and there is enough RAM.

Plus I got another bug where utorrent crashes when I force recheck a torrent(and it stays at 0%)

I have same problem with disk overloaded 100%. I try ver. RC3, RC4, RC5 and problem still have. I seeding 8 files and they create disk overload 100%, see this use performance monitor in win 7 32bit. I noticed in log uTorrent 3.0 that he Banning peer: same peer id as existing peer in all this 8 files. He banning my local ip v4, PPPoE ipv4 for each file(i use ethernet internet). When i stop all 8 seeding files problem gone.

Force re-check works good.

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Same. Must be something they discovered last minute barring its release' date=' and someone jumped the gun on the autoupdater.

Edit: Or Firon's away ;)[/quote']

When I click on the "Download the beta now" link on page 1 of this thread, it is still 25345 (RC4). :D

And theme name µTorrent 3.0 (32-bit) Release Candidate 4.

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The total data transferred counters overflow at 4GB (seem to be 32bit) in the status bar.

For example, after downloading more than 20GB you can see the status bar like this:

D: 2.1 MB/s T: 1.9 GB

D: 2.1 MB/s T: 2.0 GB


D: 2.1 MB/s T: 3.9 GB

D: 2.1 MB/s T: 12 MB #overflow

it happens in downloaded and uploaded data.

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